Book Recommendations

Adopted Adult

Lost and Found – Betty Jean Lifton PhD – The adoption experience primarily from the adopted adult’s viewpoint. Case studies.

Journey of the Adopted Self – Betty Jean Lifton – This book draws on a study of adult adopted people as well as the author’s personal experiences to illuminate how adopted people form a sense of self.

Primal Wound – Nancy Vermeer – Eye-opening revelations of how separation at birth impacts adopted people lifelong.

International Adoption Parenting

I Wish For You A Beautiful Life: Letters from the Korean Birth Mothers of Ae Ron Won to their Children – Sara Dorow (ed.) – A collection of letters written while the birth mothers were staying at a maternity home, they express the mothers’ sorrow, guilt, and regret, but also their best wishes for their children and the adoptive parents.

Voices From Another Place – Susan Soon-Ku Cox (ed.) – Fiction, memoir, poetry and art from the first generation of Korean adoptees who are now grown to adulthood, but never completely removed from their roots in Korea.

Adoptee Reunions – Michelle McColm - A comprehensive book about reunions that presents a sensitive and compassionate guide for those involved in all phases of the reunion process.

Adoptee Reunions

Giving Away - Simone Jan L. WaldronThis memoir is one woman’s adoption story and the subsequent reunion with her 11-year-old child. This book is an eloquent, literate, first-person account of a mother’s relinquishment of her baby and their turbulent years later.

Birthright - Jean Strauss - The guide to search & reunion for adoptees, birthparents & adoptive parents. Brimming with important reference sources & dozens of true-life stories.


Culture & Politics of Adoption

Somebody’s ChildrenLaura Briggs examines the social and cultural forces—poverty, racism, economic inequality, and political violence—that have shaped transracial and transnational adoption in the United States during the second half of the twentieth century and the first decade of the twenty-first. 

The Stork Market: America’s Multi-Biliion Dolar Unregulated Adoption Industry – Mirah Riben. Expose of the privatization of the adoption industry; the indistinguishable line between gray and black market; the scams and rip-offs; exploitation in both domestic and international infant adoption markets where the children are the commodity and prices are set based on quality (i.e. age, race, health)while 143,000 children linger in foster care


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